0.50% bond issue 2018-2023

Allreal Holding AG issued a fixed-rate bond of CHF 125.0 million in the first quarter of 2018. CHF 124.7 million accrued to the company from the issue of the 0.50% bond 2018–2023 with payment date 19 April 2018 after deduction of issuing costs.

Market price high%100.60
Market price low%99.15
Market price on 31 December%100.35
Average volume per recorded trading day (on-exchange)CHF million0.23



Price of 0.50% bond issue 2018–2023 (in percent)
January 2018 to December 2018

Amount of the bondCHF 125 million
Type of bondBearer bond
Par value/denominationCHF 5 000
Issue price100.123%
Coupon0.50% p.a., payable annually on 19 April
Term5 years
RedemptionOn 19 April 2023
Securities number37 347 662
Symbol SIXALL18